Health, Safety, Security & Environment (HSSE) Management

KPD has a strong commitment towards Health, Safety, Security and Environment (HSSE). We manage all aspects of HSSE with numerous systems and processes throughout our operations.

Driver Management

Driver management is the main contributing factor to our operation and service excellence as well as product security and quality. As such, we go great lengths to determine that the best people are at the wheel during delivery.

Preliminary programs, such as the Driver Training & Development Program are the most essential in delivering consistent quality service. Drivers are closely monitored under the Driver Performance Profile, where we identify drivers that require more attention. Comprehensive spot check programs and in-cab observation and assessment would be carried out to ensure the drivers maintain their best performance.

We take extra initiatives in reducing driver turnover to maintain the excellent quality of our services. KPD organizes activities such as the Driver Welfare Club, Monthly Driver Engagement, Driver Family Engagement and Visitation, as well as Driver Recognition and Celebration to show our appreciation towards our drivers’ contribution and dedication.

Journey Management

KPD’s Journey Management processes allow our deliveries to go smoothly, safely on time and securely. We have a dedicated team to assess and fabricate a constructive Journey Management Plan (JMP) in order to control the ETD (Estimated Time Deliver) and ETA (Estimated Time Arrival), as well as affirming product security by complying with the Approved Rest Area & Assessment Procedures .

From the JMP, we will be able to define the drivers’ working hours and identify safer routes for our deliveries. In addition, approved stopover transit houses are selected for long haul deliveries and alternative contingency routes are in place for peak period delivery, especially during festive seasons.

Vehicle Maintenance

Excellent transport services require similarly excellent vehicles. KPD enforces strict maintenance programmes on our transportation fleet to ensure our vehicles are always in top condition. Our detailed inspection and maintenance schedules allow our vehicles to comply with our stringent requirements on safety and efficiency at all times.

Customer Service Management

KPD conducts business with the customer in mind—we structure our operations to best cater to our customer’s needs and to ensure satisfaction every time.

Our mission is to deliver the product to the customer safely—with the right quantity, right time, right product and in full—all the time. We provide daily contractual shifts and fulfill all orders 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Our experience in managing the ETD and ETA ensures our customers will not be trapped in a stockout situation.

We educate our drivers on awareness and ownership of customer service excellence in order to promote a smooth product transport and discharge process. Moreover, we conduct new customer surveys and site hazards mapping and visitation, especially for customers in a high-risk operating environment to ensure safe operation.

Organization Management

KPD as an organization has strong management, leadership and company policies to allow it to operate at maximum efficiency at all times.

Company policies are understood and adhered to by all staff. The policies are prominently displayed in areas frequented by staff and are reviewed annually, to be modified as appropriate.

Roles and responsibilities of every staff are clearly defined and reviewed annually, with changes made to maximize organization effectiveness. Clear deliverables are specified for all positions and are monitored by monthly staff's KPIs (Key Performance Index).

Empowerment and authority exists at low levels in the organization with effective controls to manage the business. This is documented and reviewed from time to time to maximize organization effectiveness.

Besides that, we believe that a competent and professional workforce is essential in realizing the vision and mission of the company. Hence, Konsortium PD is fully dedicated towards enrolling HRDF (Human Resources Development Fund) for employees’ training and development programs. Konsortium PD also conducts in-house training for staffs and drivers by competent personnel.

Compliance And Audit Team (CAT)

The CAT team assists the company to accomplish its objectives by bringing a systematic, disciplined approach to evaluate and improve the effectiveness of risk management, control, and governance processes.

The responsibilities of the CAT team include:

  1. To ensure all KPD worksites consistently comply with company and customer requirements.
  2. To measure the performance for each worksite, with regards to 4 pillars management.
  3. To ensure that the mandatory requirements are being met and take corrective action where mandatory requirements are not met.
  4. To ensure managerial and operating information is accurate, reliable, and timely.
  5. Foster quality and continuous improvement in Konsortium PD Sdn Bhd.